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Scottish Awards For All
Shetland Islands Council


John Leask & Son - hire cars and transport of double bass
Fair Isle School - flights to/from Fair Isle
Chansonnette - website


Our hosts on Fair Isle: Anne and Barry; Lise and Ian; Florrie and Jimmy; Stewart and Katrina and Fiona and Robert.

To Neil for joining us in the Fair Isle concert on his guitar.

Frances Taylor and Malcolm Ferguson of the Lerwick Orchestra for lending us the double-bass for Fair Isle, and to Peter Leask and Florrie Stout of the "Good Shepherd" for making sure it travelled safely.
Dougal Fraser at Uyeasound for lending us his double-bass for Lerwick, Yell and Unst.

Thanks to all the teachers involved in these sessions, but especially Ruth Stout; Pat Thomson; Lise Sinclair; Mark Lawson; Julie Johnson; Caroline Breyley; Maggi Reyner and Sarah Bonner for working with us on the planning.

Ruth, Lise and Maggi also get a special mention for their fundraising efforts (and red roses, cabaret lighting and tango shoes!)


Shetland Arts
The Community of Fair Isle

While we were working on Yell and Unst, we stayed at Gardies Fauld. Thanks to Karen for looking after us and for the yummy eggs!

Without the enthusiasm and commitment from all these folk we would not have made it, which makes our visits a true team effort.

and finally, a some photos on Unst:
tango on the most northerly beach in Britain (well, it had to be done!)

Unst Bus Shelter - looking fantastic in yellow - brilliant!

Anna, Stuart and Ian look out at Muckle Flugga - Britain's most northerly landfall (and lighthouse).



Fair Isle School

Mid-Yell Junior High


& Uyeasound

Garrison Concert

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