tango tango
shetland tango tango concert

Fair Isle Primary sessions 20/21 April. Tango composition project.

Fair Isle students: Alice and Lowri Best, Henry Hyndman, Fyntan and Raven Shaw, Amy Stout.

CHROMA team: Stuart King (clarinet), Ian Watson (accordion), Anna Biggin (violin) and Elena Hull (double bass). photos by Claire Shovelton.

Lowri works on his melody

Ian plays Amy's harmony

Anna inpects Lowri's harmony

Thrashing out the rhythms with Alice and Amy

Nell works with Raven on her ostinato

Raven makes the accordion sing!

Anna plays Henry's melody

Ian, Pat and Nell get Raven and Henry started on their harmonies.

Raven and Henry confer - A major or A minor??

Nell, with the double bass lent by Lerwick Orchestra and brought Fair Isle on the Good Shepherd boat.



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Garrison Concert

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(above) some of the worksheets from the Fair Isle sessions