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...and Andy Ross joined in!

Andy Ross, Clare Clements and Johanna Byrne were at the school for singing workshops over lunch, so stayed to join CHROMA's afternoon session (primary age children) and after the Charybdis Rap finished the session with a lovely song in a "round"

Andrea and Jenny -
the composers of the pieces CHROMA recorded

concentrating hard


30 March 2006


For artwork and poetry please click here
For a chronicle of what happened please click here


Helen and Stuart discuss

The primary pupils of Baltasound

Primary pupils of Uyeasound

Capitivated by the harp

The horn got very loud!

The pupils of Baltasound have produced a stunning DVD with music for the Odyssey written by themselves. CHROMA were sent two of the pieces that music teacher Alice Mullay thought would sound better on live instruments, which were arranged by CHROMA's violinist Marcus, workshopped with the composers and their class, then recorded for the DVD. Jonathan Ritch supervised the recording session.

Marcus' arrangements of the Archery Contest (above) and the Battle of the Suitors (below) - for the enormously rare combination of clarinet in Bb, horn, harp and violin. If this starts a trend, we could say it all began on Unst!

and the recording sessions for the Odysseus DVD, engineered by the pupils...

the composer watches her piece being recorded from the booth