shetland odyssey

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the children from Fetlar and Unst watch the recording session for the Odysseus DVD

now listen carefully...

this is going to be great fun!




Shetland Odyssey Participation & Learning Programme

Artistic Direction - Stuart King
Co-ordinator - Claire Shovelton

Shetland Schools Projects funded by:
The Paul Hamlyn Foundation
The Ernest Cook Trust
The Kenneth Leighton Trust
Shetland Islands Council - Quality of Life Fund
Awards For All Scotland

With thanks to:
Bill Bankes-Jones, Susan Benn (Performing Arts Laboratories), Caroline Breyley, John Bulter and the Isleburgh Trust, Johanna Byrne, Clare Clements, Heather Delday and Dr. Anne Douglas (Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen), Julian Grant, Anna Gregg, Gilly Harrison, Kathy Hubbard at the Shetland Arts Trust, Julie Johnson, Mark Lawson, Jane Morton (senior instrumental instructor, Shetland Islands Council), Alice Mullay, Tim Murray, Hattie Naylor, Clare O'Connell, Maggie Reyner, Jonathan Ritch, Andy Ross, Anne Sinclair, Lise Sinclair, Andy Spence, Natalie Steed, Ruth Stout, Despina Tsatsas, the technical staff of the Garrison Theatre...

For sponsorship-in-kind in the form of hospitality on Fair Isle - huge thanks to our hosts Anne and Barry, Lise and Ian, Fiona and Robert and Pat and Neil. Indeed gratitude to everyone on Fair Isle - who always welcome us so warmly, bake food for the parties, entertain us so well. Thanks to Dave Wheeler for sorting the extra planes...(and to intrepid LoganAir (then Direct Flight) islander pilots Marshall and Eddie...)

Alice Mullay and Jonathan Ritch for a wonderful evening on Unst

Neil and Suzi at Four Seasons Village for super-prompt delivery of vast quantities of ribbon for the giant knitting, at a massively discounted price!

Photographs of CHROMA by Claire Shovelton.
Photograph of the opera workshops by Mark Doubleday.
Photographs and video of schools workshops by Claire Shovelton.

Sponsorship-in-kind by Chansonnette.

All materials contained in this website © Tête à Tête; CHROMA and the pupils of schools involved in this project. Please seek permission before using. ( Thank you.