shetland odyssey

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Alice, Melissa and Erin

splice the mainbrace

the refrain from the opera

Lowri and Fyntan do the Betty Rap


flapping up the storm


oliver reads his poem

Scott reads his piece


Amy reads her piece




"giant knitting" - detail of the sail

Anne demonstrates

Alice and Erin make knitted ropes

... Amy and Fyntan



24-25 March 2006

For video clips from the workshops and performance - click here.
For a chronicle of what happened - click here.

Back Row L-R: Scott (son of Robert and Fiona); Ruth; Alice (daughter of Ian and Lise); Oliver (son of Mark and Gilly); Amy (daughter of Iain and Ruth); Anne; Erin (daughter of Phil and Linda); Lise
Front Row L-R: Lowri (son of Ian and Lise); Fyntan (son of Deryk and Holly); Melissa (daughter of Phil and Linda).

Writing and artwork on the Betty Mouat story:

As the Columbine
Set sail for Lerwick
In horrible weather weather
It carried old Betty Mouat

The skipper he did fall over,
His crew went after,
Leaving Betty Mouat on the boat,
Taking her away from Lerwick

Two biscuits and a bottle of milk
Was all that she had
And forty hand knitted shawls
Was all Betty Mouat had

After a while
The Columbine did pass land
And then sailed right pass
This made the old lady sad.

For nine days
Betty Mouat did sail
In the end she reached
The island of Lepsoe

The Columbine sailed
Through the reefs
And old Betty Mouat
She was saved.

Betty Mouat alone on a boat,
Cold, tired, hungry, scared,
The skipper and two crew,
They vanished in the sea.

She was carrying 40 shawls,
Surviving on two biscuits and a bottle of milk,
She found the skipper's jacket,
Wrapped herself up a little bit warmer.

She was on the boat for nine days
and eight nights,
The boat crashed up against
The reefs of Lepsoe

Some boys helped her,
Gave her food and drink,
Now she was safe,
She survived the horrid sea
She did.

The gale blowing hard,
Rocking and rolling,
Only three seamen,
One skipper and two crew.

Shouting on the deck,
The splashing of the flit boat,
Into the sea,
Splashing, shouting and

She only had two biscuits,
An one bottle of milk,
Forty lace shawls she had,
That she was trying to sell.

Then suddenly there was a crash,
The boat had hit a rock,
A reef off Lepsoe,
She was safe at last.

The sea was rough and the wind was wild
With only two biscuits and a bottle of milk
Betty tried to survive.
For nine days and eight nights Betty was on that
Ship, both day and night.

The wind was wild and the sea was rough,
She floated away through the sea and the rocks.

She screamed only once,
Then Betty stayed calm,
The boat rocked and rolled
Through night and through day,
To the isle of Lepsoe,
Where she was helped by a sailor or two.