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Apologies to the lovely pupils at Vikeså Skole for the lack of photos - bit of a camera crisis on the last day of the Norweigan tour!

The picture that will remain in all our heads is you all clustering round our car to say goodbye and waving us off as we drove out of the car park!

We hope to be back in the mountains soon...




Odysseus Unwound - Education and Outreach


3. 23 October 2006:
Vikeså Skole, Bjerkreim
42 year 6/7 students (10-12 year olds)

The morning after our last Odysseus Unwound performance at the Sandnes Kulturhus, and the getout plus company gathering at the local karaoke bar (surely opera singers should be disqualified?) we set off bright and early to the mountains to see the students of Vikeså, about an hour south of Sandnes.

Once again, two hours to make our mini-opera. To see details of the plot/structure of the session please see the Sandnes page.

The pupils rose very well to the occasion, with an inspired piece of "pig" improvisation using the buckets as troughs! Marcus' group telling the Cyclops story included some very convincing "sheep" acting, as well as imaginative use of alternative percussion.

Stuart's group had the benefit of a young trumpet player, who was accompanied by various percussion to make the entrance of Surtr and his cohorts all the more terrifying.

All the class teachers arrived at the end of the sesion to be the audience for the final performance, which was filmed by one, and appreciatively applauded by the others.

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