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Claire, Siri, Stuart, Chris



Odysseus Unwound - Education and Outreach

Our first thank you is to all the students we worked with in Klepp, Sandnes and Vikeså, who not only produced such amazing music and drama in just a couple of hours, but did it all in their second language.

A very big thank you to the education chief for Stavanger 2008, Siri Malstrøm, who organised it all, looked after us so well and treated us to an unforgettable Sunday lunch in her mountain chalet.

Thanks to the whole team at Stavanger 2008, particularly Mary Miller and Knut Nøst.

Thanks to the ever-friendly and helpful Sandnes Kulturhus team, particularly Per Harald, Ellen and Stian, who very kindly allowed the education team to rehearse at the Kulturhus while we waited for our flights. Just a couple of hours makes all the difference!

Back in the Odysseus Unwound company we would like to thank the knitters: Anne, Margaret, Margaret, Elizabeth and Jan, for their great moral support, and for offering to help with the schools sessions (gratis) if we needed them to.

Thanks to all the Odysseus Unwound company for being supportive and encouraging and for putting up with the education team being worn out when everyone else was ready to party!

Website and most of the photos by Claire Shovelton. If I'm in the picture they've been taken by Stuart, Marcus or Chris!