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Odysseus Unwound - Education and Outreach

This site is a chronicle of the education and outreach projects delivered in Norway by CHROMA as part of its collaboration with Tête à Tête opera company and its latest production - Odysseus Unwound - based on the story of Odysseus.

The opera includes singers, instrumentalists from CHROMA, knitters and spinners. After its London world première in October 2006, it toured to Sandnes, Norway, in a co-production with Stavanger2008 for the Hot/Cold Season

Norway Education Team:

Workshop leader/clarinet, bass clarinet: Stuart King
Violin: Marcus Barcham-Stevens
'Cello: Christopher Allan
Manager/chronicler: Claire Shovelton

Please use the menu links above or choose from the list below to look at the work in Norway.

Overview of workshops - by Stuart King

1. 18 October 2006:
Klepp, Fredheimsloftet
(x4 schools) - 42 year 9 students (14/15 year olds)

2. 19 October 2006:
Stangeland Skole, Sandnes
x2 groups of 30 year 7 students (11/12 year olds)

3. 23 October 2006:
Vikeså Skole, Bjerkreim
42 year 6/7 students (10-12 year olds)