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Spitalfields Festival - Guided Listening Project
"Waterfalls & Fountains" June 07

Schools Visits on 23 and 24 May 2007
Schools involved:
Stebon Primary; Halley Primary; Old Palace Primary and Christ Church Primary

CHROMA team - Stuart King (clarinet); Emily Davis (violin); Helen Simons (bassoon) and Helen Sharp (harp)

Rimsky-Korsakov - ‘Sindbad and the Sea’ (tutti)
Introductions to players, project theme & instruments (Stuart)
Play: Debussy - ‘En Bateau’
Play: Hasselmans - ‘La Source’
Play: Britten - ‘Storm from ‘Four Sea Interludes’’
Play: Song of the Volga Boatmen (first without rowing)

Interactive learning:
“It’s a Sailor’s Life” * – first teach the words with the melody and then add the actions

Play: Strauss - ‘Blue Danube Waltz’ (tutti)

Concert at Shoreditch Church, 13 June 2007

Play: Handel - ‘Water Music’ (tutti)
Re-introductions to players, project theme & recap instruments pieces etc. (Stuart)
Remember the name of the river the boatmen rowed along? Volga or Waltzes named after? Danube – introduce another one. Piece follows the river on its journey through the countryside – rapids, past a wedding etc

Play: Smetana - ‘Vltava’
What animals live in rivers? Do you know any songs written about such animals?

Introduce Sadhbh:
Play: Dowland - ‘Flow my tears’
Your turn to sing - Interactive!
“It’s a Sailor’s Life”* – teachers at front doing actions. Each school in turn stand up and sing, finally all together.

Read out ‘Die Forelle’ poem in English:
Play: Schubert - ‘Die Forelle’
Play: Debussy - ‘La cathédrale engloutie’
How many times do the bells chime in the middle of the piece?

Play: Rimsky-Korsakov - ‘Sindbad and the Sea’
Playout: Strauss - ‘Blue Danube’

*The children sang these words with these actions to ‘IT’S A SAILOR’S LIFE’  song (sailor's hornpipe):
"It’s a sailor’s life (salute)
And it’s really very tough (muscles)
Winds that cut like a knife (cut into palm of hand)
When the sea is very rough (arms making waves)
When you’re pulling up the rigging (climbing up a rope)
And the sea salt it is stinging (rub salt from eyes)
Then you wish you’d never joined up for a Sailor’s life  (fold arms across chest)
Swabbing decks all day beneath the boiling midday sun  (mop the floor)
Heaving cannonballs and gunpowder that weigh a ton (lifting heavy weights)
Keeping ‘Nightwatch’ in the Crow’s-nest  (scan the horizon)
When you’re sailing through a Tempest (flailing arms in the air)
Oh! I wish I’d never joined up for a Sailor’s Life (salute)"

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