August 2016

In collaboration with the School, the Bird Observatory and the community of Fair Isle - an all-embracing range of creative workshops responding to the island and its birds.

Led by Kerry Andrew (composer/singer)
Zack McLaughlin (sculptor/illustrator)
Stuart King
Roderick Chadwick (piano)
Daniel Pioro (violin)
Clare O'Connell (cello)
Claire Shovelton (project manager/documentarian)

PLUS: Ruth, Pat, Hannah, Tommy, David, Neil, Grace, Freyja, Saskia, Jack, Jayne, Anne, Catherine, Efa, Enid, Hollie, Margot, Fiona

Friday 19 August
Saturday 20 August
Sunday 21 August
Monday 22 August
Tuesday 23 August
Wednesday 24 August
Thursday 25 August
Friday 26 August
Saturday 27 August


Special thanks to our wonderful hosts who put us up, fed us so splendidly and looked after us so well all week:
Florrie & Jimmy
Stewart & Triona
Fiona & Robert
Ian & HannahMai


Fulmar photo by Stuart King

Grace Fair Isle Soundmap from CHROMA ensemble on Vimeo.

MidGeoJam from CHROMA ensemble on Vimeo.

live composing from CHROMA ensemble on Vimeo.


photos by Claire Shovelton unless credited otherwise

Fair Isle Bird Observatory
Kerry Andrew
Zack McLaughlin
Daniel Pioro
Clare O'Connell
Claire Shovelton


Half-Island, Half-Bird
made possible by the support of:

Ernest Cook

Hope Scott Trust

Hugh Fraser Foundation


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